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Lara is 27 years old. She has always been singing. She grew up with the Beatles, Queen, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello or Oasis in her ears.

Now, surrounded by well experienced musicians and friends, she recorded some classics, all part of the great rock heritage, but with her own personal feelings, her own interpretation, in order to surprise people or to let discover some old gems to others.

This first single is a cover of the great Bobbie Gentry classic ‘Ode to Billy Joe’, in a very personal version, having in mind the Kinks, The Who or Lenny Kravitz playing this song.

More singles and an album will follow in 2018. A young lady, with a golden voice, surrounded by three old rockers, making some noise and beautiful renditions of some rock classics, their name is « Lara Palmer & The Indian Runners ».

Play it loud !

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